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PassSafe Pro replaces the password field used in Internet Explorer with a simple to use dialog. View Screenshot. As you type your password, it is highly encrypted, keystroke by keystroke; resulting in a different encrypted password for every website you visit, even if you type the same password on every site.

You can choose to bypass the encryption to allow access to existing sites. When you choose to use an encrypted password, you can choose to generate an 8, 12 or 16 character password as well as an 8 character numeric password. You also control if the password is valid for the entire site, just a specific sub-domain or you can enter any site identifier.

With PassSafe Pro, your personal passwords stay where they belong, in your head! Your personal passwords never even hit the browser and are never transmitted anywhere, not even to the site that is granting you access. Don't share your personal passwords with anyone, download today.

When you select a password field, PassSafe will apear and allow you to enter your password outside of Internet Explorer. You then select if the password should be used as-is or if it should be used to create a site specific PassSafe password. Create a numbers only password or your choice of an 8, 16 or 32

** BONUS **
PassSafe Pro also allows you to search a number of websites simply by typing keywords in the address bar where you would normally type a URL. You also get a world class pop-up blocker!

Supports IE 6, Win2K, WinXP and
Win2003 Server.

Keep your password where it belongs... In your head!

Kyle Keezer, Security Expert
Flatland Computers
I only remember one password to access every site I visit. I love it!
I can't imagine a city, hospital or financial institution taking the risk of not having it on every PC.
Scot G. Smith, System Admin
City of Overland Park
The pop-up blocker is great. It stops the ads but not the things I want. Every time I hear it beep I smile, knowing that PassSafe Pro just stopped another pop-up!
Carl Svahnberg, Retired



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